Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Status Report

October Status Report

School holidays.  Very nice to have a slower pace.  Felt like we all limped to the end of Term 3.

Marriage Enrichment Course:  The one we worked on for about 4 months this year was run with the first group of 15 couples last month.  Called Building a Strong Foundation, much of the focus was how to set good & godly patterns in the the early years (0-7) of marriage.  We enjoyed it, as is seems did the couples, so we are keen to keep running it annually.

Marriage Preparation Course: also having a large re-write.   It has been the year to think about marriage.

AFES Wives conference: coming up very soon.  Very much looking forward to seeing many old friends, and meeting some new ones.

Reading:  Have enjoyed some books lately, but they won’t get full posts.  I re-read The Screwtape Letters (C. S. Lewis) and it definitely gives food for thought.  I wrote down a lot of quotes to save for possible future reflection and reference.  Still planning to do more Lewis reading, perhaps over the summer.

Blossoms just starting in Chinatown
Read 365 Days of Wonder, a follow-up to Wonder, which our family loved.  R.J. Palacio has returned writing as the teacher from Wonder, Mr Browne, with monthly reflections on being a teacher, with daily precepts that engage, interest and encourage, all mainly to do with hope in humanity.   If you were going to buy your kids a book of quotes, this would be a good one to get.

Have finally found a bible reading timetable that seems to work.   Dear Husband brings me a hot drink in the morning on waking and I stay in bed reading and praying before coming out to face the day.  Seeing I wake every morning, it seems to be easy to make it a regular & purposeful time with God.

Enjoying the transition to spring.   The beautiful blossoms which appear this time of year make it even more lovely.

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