Monday, December 7, 2015


Last year a group of Christian families from our local primary school hosted a gingerbread house event for school families.  

As it was well received last year, we decided to do it again.   Our group of 7 families attend 5 different churches, so we went to a different church this year, the advantage of which was that is was closer to the school (and not in the city which some people don't like travelling to) and the hall was air-conditioned - a big plus!

Initially estimates suggested we would have less people coming than last year, but a late rush meant it was about the same size.   100 people came (61 kids & 39 adults) - representing about 27 families at the school (not including the 7 host families).  All in all, 62 houses were made.

Again, we had a short talk about the first Christmas and everyone had fun.   We will have to see how to keep working on it in the future.   It's probably worth doing for at least one more year to gain momentum.   However, some of our host families are leaving the school, and we need to think about how to keep the children's attention during the talk time.

Good problems to have however.  People were very positive and seemed to enjoy it and it's a great way to keep the real Christmas story on the agenda for people this time of year, while having fun as a family.

The host family kids with their houses

My three little helpers for lolly sorting

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