Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Status Report

It's cold!  The cold and wet Adelaide winter has come in quickly this year.  April was warm and pleasant, May has been very wet.  I am watching all our new and moved plants and wondering whether they will survive, the weeds certainly are thriving!

Enjoyed Grace Conference.  This Adelaide Women's Conference celebrated its 10th year last weekend.  It was a great day, as usual, with a slightly different format - only one talk (rather than 3) and two sessions with a panel.   Wise, godly women were on the panel and had a lot to offer to the whole group.  With 700 women now attending, it has grown enormously since the early days.  In the beginning I knew most people who attended (the majority being from our church).  Now as its appeal has spread through churches and denominations (and our church has also spread to 8 centres) I would be lucky to recognise 10% of people.   That is a great thing!

Blogs - shut down one and resurrected another.  The in tandem blog team (the blog we did for ministry wives from 2009-2012) decided to finally shut down our inactive blog.   I moved everything that I wrote across to a "Ministry wives" tab up the top here at musings.   Looking at it all again reminded me how much I enjoyed the involvement and how much output we had over that time, however hard it was to put aside the time for it.   Seasons come and seasons go.

At the same time, I am reading more great prayers of others and writing some of my own, so I am reposting weekly prayers for personal use on The Prayer Project.   I have been struck again rereading though The Valley of Vision at the depth and insight of puritan prayers.  As I adapt them for my own use, I share some on that blog.

Study.  As I alluded to in the May status report, I have started an online subject with the CCEF - I am loving it.  It's early days still (week 3 of 13), but the lectures have been excellent, the readings insightful and the assignments challenging!  I was concerned that study in this area might mean I was spending less time in God's word, which  has turned out to be completely unfounded.  This week's assignment is over 2000 words on Philippians, and how we see people responding in sin and with fruit, what their motives are, the consequences that result, and how God is acting through all of it.  That will be time well spent!!

Watched The Little Mermaid for the first time with my daughters because we are going to see Disney on Ice and some characters are from it.   Wow, is that a bad story!   At least the girls agreed - who falls in love with a man they have only seen from afar and chooses to give up everything (family, life, voice) to have 3 days to make him fall in love with you!?   I did ponder in 2010 how Disney's portrayal of women has changed over the years.   At least with recent offerings (eg. Tangled and Frozen) the storylines have become (slightly) better, challenging some of these notions!

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