Friday, July 1, 2016

July Status Report

Election:  Although my natural temptation is to be cynical about politics, policies and politicians, I am thankful we live in a peaceful democracy where we can vote without fear, intimidation and threat.

So I choose to be thankful when I vote tomorrow.  I was unable to vote in the last election, as I was so sick I could not get out of bed, so tomorrow I will vote thankfully and willingly.

I have found the St Eutychus blog helpful in framing some of the issues and the narrow-minded way some can tend to approach the ballot box.   The first 3 posts in this link (related to this election) have put into words some of the things I have been thinking though privately.   If you want to see a somewhat tongue-in-cheek comparison of the parties, you can look here to put some things in perspective.

Another friend raised the issue of whether we should vote for our local member because of how they represent the area vs. vote for the national party based on the policies you agree with.  I also struggle with this tension.  Our local member is good at their job, has held it for a long time, and seems to care about the local community.  Yet, I would not vote for their party at a national level, based on their policies or their leader.   A tricky one to navigate.

Let us pray for our leaders and representatives.  After the 2013 election I posted this prayer on the prayer blog.  I will repost it again on Sunday morning.

Study:  My CCEF course is great - challenging, encouraging, and thought-provoking.  I am being put through a crucible as I have to self-counsel myself in a number of areas.  I feel myself being stretched, and hope there will be benefit for others too along the way.

Reading:  lots of articles from the Journal of Biblical Counselling.   What a great resource!   My other reading has, not surprisingly, dramatically slowed although I am working through a few books at the moment.

Appliances:  after 28 years of faithful service (not all to me!) our washing machine finally gave up this month.  It was replaced in 24 hours by a new one and our clothes have possibly never been so clean.  Seems the old one really wasn't quite doing the job!   So thankful that we didn't have to buy any white goods when we got married, being given a second-hand fridge, washer and dryer.  The fridge and now washer have since had to be replaced, but astonishingly the dryer lives on - and it's easily 30+ years old!

School holidays: one more week of term and then 2 weeks of holidays.  It's been a good term, but I think we'll all benefit from the slower pace.

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Tamie said...

St Eutychus' writer Nathan is an AFES grad from our era - we first met him at an NTE. What fine thinkers AFES produces! :)

We bought a washing machine recently too and I am totally loving how much cleaner it gets everything! :D