Monday, August 1, 2016


I slowly and carefully tend my garden.   Four years ago when we moved in, it was a sea of cacti, roses, topiary and palms - pretty much every plant we didn't want!

So we have steadily changed it all over.  We have extended lawns, removed everything with thorns and started all over pretty much everywhere.  This year was a year of major change: large palm trees were removed, baby citrus trees were moved and a hedge planted.   I planned for the productive trees to be out the front, which culminated in a lime, lemon, orange, 2 pears and an avocado.   Husband warned me of this suggesting that people would pick the fruit and we would lose a lot of it.  I was not deterred, knowing that if I wanted fruit trees there was no where else for them to go, and I really want fruit trees!

However, sadly, it seems that in this state that proudly proclaims it's heritage as free settlers, there is still a seedy criminal element.   This morning I have discovered the whole avocado tree is gone!   I was OK with people taking fruit when the trees finally grow, but not taking the whole tree!

It was an expensive tree and I can only assume someone knew that and wanted it.  Having an avocado was always an experiment, they don't always work here, so I knew we were taking some risk with it.  But I always assumed by 'it not working' it would be because I killed it, not that it ran away!

So, I guess it's time to look at something more common - perhaps an apricot...

The sad empty space, with only a small branch on the ground left behind.

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Tamie said...

That's outrageous!