Here are some of my favourite or popular posts, that aren't always about books:

General posts:

A visit to our sponsor children 

Why to visit a gospel partner

Slowing Down

A series to encourage us to stand in awe of God

How do you read the bible?

Marriage and intimacy

Meaningful conversations

Minister's Wives

Shyness, introversion and ministry (an update version of this on TGCA)

The Next Story (a series working through a Tim Challies book about living Christianly in a digital world)

Thoughts on reading - what I read, how and why

Thoughts on busyness, from working through The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness, Tim Chester:  small posts from this blog and a detailed series on in tandem.

Facing up to the Candy Crush addiction

Posts about parenting and children:

Related to primary school:

Related to pre-schoolers:

Reading with kids: