Sunday, February 1, 2009

Book review: Now that you are back

Now that you are back: A Journey through Depression, Richard Beeston

This helpful little book records one couple's story of depression:
How can it be possible for anyone to say that suffering can be a good thing? How can you possibly be ‘thankful’ for depression?
One of the striking things about a journey through the wilderness of suffering is that it often opens up a much bigger picture of life, of ourselves, even God. That’s the kind of journey that Richard and Alison have written about in this book.
With a mix of adventure, humour, medical insight and sound wisdom, Now That You Are Back will change the way you think about depression, suffering, and finding hope in the hardest of times.

(From the back of the book, and their website)
Richard writes about the experience of his wife Alison and her battle with depression. It is very short (I read it in about 30 mins) but provides a helpful insight into one person's experience of depression, including anxiety attacks, suicude threats and hospitalisation. He mixes medical information and statistics in amongst the story, helping us to understand not only Alison's story, but a number of people that we know who suffer in similar ways.

I think this book would be helpful reading for almost anyone. Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered from depression, and some of us don't really understand it and feel uncertain how to help or be supportive. As it is written with a Christian perspective, it is also helpful for those of us in churches who want to support and care for those around us.

A worthwhile resource.

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