Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I received my email newsletter from Compassion Australia yesterday, and was interested to find an article in it about their youth communicator, Az. In an effort to show people what living in the developing world was currently like with the food crisis and the rising cost of living, he lived for a week in Australia on $1 a day.

He produced a video for each day, starting with his attempts to buy enough food for $7 to feed himself for an entire week. Throughout the week, he then walks to get his water supply to demonstrate what many people in the world must do for water and digs a hole in the backyard for a toilet.

It is obviously designed to appeal to youth (which I really am not anymore!), but it is interesting and challenging. It was also part of an appeal to raise the awareness of Compassion in sponsoring children. We do sponsor Compassion children (one for each of our own) and have found them to be a great organisation - well worth considering if you do not do so already.

A good summary of what he did and why is on the Compassion website and all of the videos are on his website, 500dreads.com

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