Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter series #3

Ahh, the best laid plans of mice and men... sometimes all come to nothing!

I had planned to think a bit more about the Easter bunny, easter eggs, etc.

Here we are Easter Thursday, and I have pretty much run out of time!

(for those that care to know what I have been doing instead - I will summarise with the following equation: 3 children + 6 bible studies + 3 talks + 2 hands with unexplained pain = little time to blog!)

As a short, but perhaps not very sweet, summary - I am no fan of the Easter bunny. He appears to serve no purpose except to divert us from Jesus (perhaps he learnt the trick from Santa?). Nicole has done a helpful background to the Easter Bunny, which emphasises the uselessness of him!

We are using little eggs that open to look at our 'Preparing for Easter' things, and there is a good point that eggs can symbolise new life. Why they need to be chocolate is less certain!

Quite honestly, my problem with chocolate is much more practical - we do not need any more rubbish food in our house, and if we choose to have chocolate we have the quality stuff, not the cheap nasty stuff pretending to be chocolate! I don't think my children need anymore chocolate in their lives, so why do it? They are excited every day to open the egg and see which part of the Easter account we are reading for the day, I would much prefer to make that the focus rather than the treat.

We are planning to have our simple 'Passover' meal tonight, so I will blog about that and whatever else we ended up doing after the weekend.

I hope you all have an Easter that remembers Jesus' death and celebrates his resurrection for Christ indeed is risen!

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