Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cooking & allergies

This recipe book is a 'must-have' for all cooks out there. We count ourselves very lucky in our family to have no food allergies at all. However, amongst our friends there are allergies to nuts, gluten, eggs, soy & dairy. Up until now I have felt completely unable to cater for these friends. Now my problems are solved!

This easy to use recipe guide allows you to cook allowing for all 8 main allergens - nuts, eggs, milk, soy, sesame seeds, what, fish & shellfish. She also gives details on what standard products contain each of these allergens (eg. soy is in some canola sprays) and also has lists of products & ingredients available in supermarkets (in Australia) that do not contain these allergens (eg. the brands of gluten free baking powder). It is a great resource. She also shows you how to have variations - so in some recipes you can choose whether to use milk, soy milk or rice milk, depending on the allergies. You can have eggs or egg replacer. Gluten free flour or normal flour.

I used it to cook a nice, edible egg, dairy, soy & nut free birthday cake for my children this year, so that all their friends could eat it - and they all liked it. I have cooked yummy gluten free pear muffins.

So, come one, come all to my place for a meal - I can now cater for you!

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