Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back online

I have enjoyed my little break from blogging, and am now officially back on-line.

The school holidays have been really good. More enjoyable than normal, which is largely due to my change of attitude. A lot of this can be attributed to a parenting book I read (review to come soon), and quite possibly to the decision to get off-line for the holidays. We all went to the park, fed ducks, went to the library & museum, did craft, cooked and just had fun spending time together. It was a good time and now we are all looking forward to Term 3 with some renewed energy.

I have still been reading lots, so there are lots more reviews to come in the next few weeks. At the moment, my plans for this term are:

- to keep working through Going the Distance chapter by chapter, on Mondays
- to start a children's (mainly pre-schoolers) authors series, on Saturdays
- to continue with other book reviews, sometime midweek
- any other things, when they come up!

Hope you enjoy it!

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