Saturday, September 12, 2009

Children's Book - How Big is a Pig?

How Big is a Pig?, Clare Beaton

We discovered this toddler book on recommendation from a friend, and then spotting it at the library. It is a book of opposites, but what is brilliant about it are the illustrations - hopefully you can see in enough detail in the picture - they are felt pictures, all sewn together.

It's such a lovely way of illustrating, A (2 years) loves it - she loves seeing the different pictures and she even tries to answer the questions:
Some cows are thin; some cows are fat.
But how big is a pig? Can you tell me that?...

Some geese are dirty; some geese are clean.
But how big is a pig? How many have you seen?

This is one of those baby/toddler books that is worth getting!

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