Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kids Craft Ideas - Christmas

As we are now approaching school holidays with at least two weeks of holidays till Christmas, perhaps you would like some simple craft ideas.

Here are two crafts we had fun making last year, which were very easy and fitted my craft preferences of no glue and no paint!

The easiest by far were the paper-plate angels (a simple cut out and attached at the back with a staple).

We also attempted a nativity scene with toilet roll people - the kids liked this one so much it still has pride of place this year! Again, very simple - a few staples, bits of fabric, rubber bands, some pop sticks and a texta.

Joseph, Mary & Jesus

The angels

Shepherds (looking astonished) and a sheep.

3 Wise Men.

This year I am also saving toilet rolls, I am going to attempt bon-bons this year...

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