Friday, November 5, 2010

The Uncommon Reader

The Uncommon Reader, Alan Bennett

Thanks to Meredith's lovely review, I put this one on my 'to read' list and spent an enjoyable few hours on a day off reading it. It's a lovely short read, unlike the larger books I usually prefer - which makes it a good choice when you have a day to yourself and a few cups of tea on hand.

One day the Queen stumbles across a mobile lending library on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Out of courtesy she borrows a book, which begins her discovery of the joy of the written word and a love of reading. Over time, her duties start to suffer and she manages to read while travelling to and from (and even while doing) numerous public events. Her aides become increasingly concerned and try to stymie her at various points.

Bennett has woven in references to many other writers and books, and whether or not you have read them all, anyone who reads generally will appreciate them. I also loved his writing, he has a very dry wit and it's lovely to read someone who uses humour cleverly and keeps it understated.

Well worth a read when you have a few hours to spare.


Meredith said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I'm giving copies of it to the boys' teachers - who all love reading - for Christmas/thanks for being great teachers presents.

Rachael said...

I really enjoyed this too. I like the way he doesn't clarify whether it's fiction or biography!