Friday, June 3, 2011



Moving up in age from Beginning with God material, we come to XTB.*

XTB is marketed for 7-10 year-olds. We have found it's perfect to start using whenever a child is a relatively competent reader. When our son started using this material, he just did it on his own and we asked him about it after. Now our daughter (6) has just started using it, and one of us sits down to do it with her every night. She can follow the instructions, loves filling in the activities, and can either follow along when we read the bible passage or she can try to read it herself. It's become a lovely way to end the day together.

Our 8-year old son is still doing XTB as well, he is up to Volume 7 or 8 and has declared he wants to finish them all before he moves on (there are 12 volumes to date).

XTB also have specific material for Christmas: Christmas Unpacked, and Easter: Easter Unscrambled, as well as a summer holiday version: Summer Signposts. All 3 of these combine XTB and Table Talk material (See *below) in the one booklet. We have used both the Christmas and Easter material and are very happy with them. We may just keep ordering new booklets for each year.

To see some sample pages of material, go via here.

* Actually there is a resource in the middle called 'Table Talk', which is suitable for families with children from age 4 or 5, but we have gone with the individual age-appropriate ones for our children. It just seems to work better for us at the moment. I know many families who use 'Table Talk' and it works well for them.

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