Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Captain America

We were lucky enough to have a date night on Saturday night, thanks to Husband's mum visiting, so we went to dinner and a movie.

We saw Captain America - The First Avenger, another in a line of Marvel comics which have been turned into movies. We also saw Thor earlier this year. I really like them - I quite like blockbuster movies: all action but no gore, no swearing, mild romance, completely unrealistic, etc.

Thor was probably funnier, but Captain America was good too, and Hugo Weaving is a very good evil villain.

At the end there was a trailer for next year's movie - The Avengers, which brings the characters all together - so now we need to see Iron Man on DVD as well. We so rarely go to the movies, it's a nice treat when it happens - especially when we both actually want to see the movie.

Bring on the blockbuster, I say.

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