Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Tis the season

A dear friend told me that my Christmas post sounded tired, or in her words "you are obviously so over it!".   She had a point.  My husband told me the same thing when he read my draft of our family Christmas letter, he said it sounded 'down'.  

I feel I have misrepresented my feelings about Christmas.  I really enjoy Christmas.  I think what I find hard is all the things that Christmas brings with it - end of year concerts, thank you cards, final meetings and dinners.

Having read Jenny's post earlier in the week though, I realised I can chill out more.  I don't have to do anything more for the year - no speaking engagements, important meetings, posts to write, etc.  I have organised presents already, mainly using online ordering (what joy!).  There are still 2 weeks till the kids are on holidays, so I have time to get things done and then time to enjoy with them when holidays start.

As we set up the tree yesterday and started advent today, I am thrilled that about 5 years ago I was not only excited about Christmas, but had time to put into it: hence the advent material, the embroidered Christmas stockings, the tree skirt, etc.  Now, I cannot begin to imagine where I found the time or energy!

Now that it is all set up, it's time to enjoy it.  So this year, when all the busyness of Christmas threatens to cloud over the reason for the season, I might just take myself off to the lounge room, turn on all the sparkly lights on the tree, and give thanks to God for the blessing of Christmas, where Christ came as a baby to save us all from our sins. 


Jean said...

Wendy, I relate to this. Christmas seems to creep up on me more and more quickly every year (although, like you, I still love it). I've only just gotten around to organising our Jesse Tree - using your readings! Like you, I feel like I used to have more time to keep on top of things and create things. Strange. You'd think with kids getting older you'd have more time...but maybe it's because our attention is a little more distracted from the home front?? Have a blessed lead-up to Christmas.

Wendy said...

Thanks Jean. Yes I am still pondering this too - how is it I had more time with babies and toddlers than I do with children that can (at times) amuse themselves? I think you are right, there is more distraction on the home front, but perhaps I am also trying to do more (too much)! It's a constant battle for me - the overcommitment problem.

Jean said...

Yes, I think that hits the nail on the head: our attention is more divided. And I'm sure we overdo it at times and get over-busy and distracted. But I'm also sure that it's probably appropriate that our attention spreads a little more widely once our kids get a little older, out to our church and community. That's all part of the "good works" that godly women are to do - as long as we also care for home and family.

Jean said...

You'll want to read Bec's comment here. Interesting suggestions!

I have been working on the Jesus prophecies in my "quiet times" :) and it's not as easy as it looks, but will get there. Will also ask Fiona to send her "who is Jesus" advent plan my way.

It would be wonderful to do a couple of shorter booklets with Easter readings too: one tracing the Easter story, one about the prophecies. So many here! Isaiah 53, Psalm 22 (is that right?), and the rest.

I wonder if we ever get around to this? In the meantime, I am so grateful for the work you have already done. We are REALLY enjoying your booklet. So simple and easy - such a nice change from trying to figure it all out myself. Great for the littlies, especially my 5 year old, as it's all newish to him.

Love Jean.

Wendy said...

Thanks Jean, I saw Bec's comment. Helpful ideas.

Did you realise I already have an Easter readings one? 14 days following the final week from Matthew's gospel - same format as the Christmas ones - I could send you a copy.

I was planning to do another one to include other gospel accounts, or perhaps one from John given it's different emphasis at points.

Easter prophecies sounds great.

Perhaps it's time to put some time aside... maybe you'll have to come to AFES wives next year!

W xx