Friday, March 16, 2012

Run ... Run

Run Fat B!tch Run, Ruth Field

It is with some trepidation that I review this book for you. Most of you are such nice polite readers out there that you won’t like the title of the book. But, stick in there - it might just be worth it...

Long term readers will know that I have taken up running in the past 2 years. It has slowly developed from the need to do regular exercise to ensure my back and neck function in a relatively normal way, with less pain and less referred pain in other parts of my body. What started out as a regular walk of about 3-4kms, very slowly developed into a run (because I was bored with walking), and then the distance slowly increased over time. Now I am trying to run a regular 10km per week and a few shorter runs of about 6km.

Now I give you these stats not because I am trying to brag (although I am rather proud of myself over the last few years). But rather to say – if I can do it, you can do it. I previously could not run 200m. Now I can and quite a bit more.

Lots of people think they could not possibly run, there is no way.

This book I found recently will help you change your mind. Ruth Field used to run regularly, then found herself pregnant with twins, not allowed to run and so she vented her frustration into writing a book helping people to get running. Basically she helps you do to exactly what I did – start walking, slowly progress to running and then keep running.

Her method is to find your inner grit – the voice in your head – and channel her energy into getting you out the door and doing something about it. You might not use her method specifically (take off your clothes, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you are a fat b…).   But it still might work to get you motivated!

Obviously, if you have self-esteem issues or eating disorder tendencies – do not go near this book. However, if you want to have a bit of a laugh at yourself and get some motivation along the way – this is a good one to start with. Have a look at her blog if you want a taste.

She gives some eating tips along the way, but still maintains that the only thing you need to do to get healthy is run.  I liked the amusement factor of this book, it was fun to read & it simplified everything. I especially liked her 2 golden rules of eating: 

If you are looking for some other inspiration and you aren’t sure this book will work for you – buy the newest magazine out: Women’s Running Australia – first issue out this month. I liked it – simple, not too technical, but enough to interest beginners through to more consistent runners.


Catherine said...

Hi Wendy! Thanks for the review - you're so brave!!
I have never been a runner, but started building up over the last six months - I'm amazed I can actually enjoy it. But feeding a baby overnight means there's still a lot of unrealised potential (shall we say?!). I'll enjoy looking up the links. Happy running! xc

Wendy said...

Cathy, that certainly means you have heaps of potential! I'm impressed you are running while still feeding, I never got organised till way past that stage! I too am amazed I enjoy it.

Today I just discovered that ABC radio have all their Conversation Hours available on iTunes for free - makes for some great interviews to listen to while running (when I have run out of sermons, audiobooks, etc!)