Friday, May 10, 2013

The Mitford Years

I have recently discovered a new Christian fiction series, The Mitford Years, by Jan Karon.

Eight books in and I am really enjoying them. They are the story of Father Tim Kavanagh, the Episcopalian minister in a small country town of North Carolina. Throughout the books you are introduced to the various members of the town and parish with all the characters and eccentricities you would hope for in a series of novels.

They are charming books, easy to read, lovely to get involved in with a range of people and characters along the way.  While it does border on clichéd and predictable at times, I am OK with that - they are nice clichés and things predictably end well!  And while it is gentle and easy to read on all levels, there are still people and events that are very real. Like any real parish and town, there are people who are struggling with addiction, marriage breakdown and abuse. There are people who gossip and interfere. There are the real saints of any parish, the one who persistently pray, bake, are generous and servant-hearted.

I have enjoyed the way she weaves real faith into each book.  Father Tim is a man who is committed to scripture and prayer, loves his flock and goes out of his way to serve them.  The gospel is clearly explained in each book.  If you want some light, yet ‘salty’ reading, these may well be for you.

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