Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A comedy of errors

Yesterday was a day like no other – the day I am calling my ‘comedy of errors’ day. I thought I would share it with you all for three reasons. 1. It’s rather funny. 2. If there are any preconceived ideas about me being organised and in control on this blog, this could help dispel them and 3. God is amazingly kind and generous, even when I am remarkably silly.

Here is how it went:
  • I had the day free so I headed out for a long run (11kms, which was rather a stretch)
  • When I got home I realised that I had been planning to get up on the roof for some time to check on some cracks, etc. So I got out on the roof via the balcony door.
  • Having taken my iPhone up there I proceeded to take photos of the things which I needed to ask the experts at the hardware store about.
  • After a few photos, my phone battery ran out (here is where things started to go wrong…)
  • I returned to the balcony after a complete roof inspection, rather pleased with my work and having enjoyed the view.
  • I went to re-enter the house via the balcony door to find that it was locked.
  • There is no safe way down from the balcony.
  • I toured around the roof trying to find a safe way down and could not find one that did not require me to stand on rotting wood or jump a potential ankle-breaking height.
  • It appears we have a remarkably quiet street.
  • However, we did have tradesmen in that day (God’s incredible kindness #1) and I knew they were to return to the house within the hour, so I sat down in the sun and waited.
  • Upon their return, they accessed the ladder via the garage and I was able to get down safely. (God’s incredible kindness #2)
  • However, I was still locked out of the house (the usual spare key stored outside was removed only 2 hours before because of said tradesmen!) with no phone, wallet, car keys, etc.
  • I borrowed the phone of the tradie and left a message for my husband, saying I was on my way in to get his keys.
  • I hopped on my bike and rode into town to meet him at uni.
  • I found another staffworker at uni (God’s incredible kindness #3) to call & locate my husband.
  • He met me, kindly fed me, provided me with said key and I returned home (God’s incredible kindness #4), taking the time to try and enjoy the 12km return bike ride.
  • Saga started at 11am, sorted by 1:30pm. But it felt like so much longer!
  • I was very tired last night and a little sore all over!
What I realised throughout was how much worse the whole thing could have been: there could have been no-one to help me down, I could have hurt myself doing so, my husband could have been away or unfindable, we could live much further away from his work, it could have been pouring with rain, it could have happened when I was due to pick up the kids, etc, etc.

So, even in the midst of it all (and I must say the reality of being locked out of your house and stuck on the roof at the same time was a little sobering) I realised how God was so kind in the whole situation.  I am very thankful for the reminder of his goodness on such a day.


Meredith said...

What is really wonderful about this post is not just how God was at work so wonderfully through your day, but that He is clearly at work in and through you that you can write about it so thankfully and optimistically. It could have read so differently. Thankfully - all thanks be to God - it didn't. The Lord bless you and keep you.

Meredith said...

Oh and well done you for even climbing on the roof! I am happy to clean gutters on a ladder...but no getting on the roof for me.

Anonymous said...

There was obviously something strange in the air on Wednesday because I had a day which involved a few comedy of errors too. Glad you got off the roof. Bel