Friday, April 4, 2014

Plans for this year

So, you are up to date and musings is finally up and running again!

At this stage, my plan is to keep sharing with you about the good books that I am reading.

There may be other thoughts thrown in along the way, but books is where our attention will focus.

I’m aiming for a weekly book review at this point – we’ll see how we go! First one: Monday.


Chris said...

Hi Wendy. Do you know of any good books dealing with girl friendships, either for parents or for daughters to read? My daughter is still young (in preschool) but it's been something that we've been trying to help her with. Thanks.

Wendy said...

Hi Chris,

Have a look through the posts labelled 'girls'. The one I reviewed late last year seems the most relevant on this one: Raising Girls. I also recall there being useful stuff in 5 Conversations You Must Have with your Daughter (she has stuff online too).

I have not read stuff for young girls themselves, but I am sure there would be stuff out there!

Hope that's a start!