Monday, September 14, 2015

Knowing God

Knowing God, J.I. Packer

I have spent the last few months embedded in this treasure.  While all the reading I have done on marriage and parenting this year has been valuable, I decided I needed to return to the basics and read more about God.

It has been time very well spent.  I have never read this classic before and am so glad I have now done so. 

Packer has structured his book in three parts.  The first – Know the Lord – talks about what it meant to know God, the difference between knowing about God and actually knowing Him, and how he has made himself known in Christ the Son.

Part 2 – Behold your God – draws our vision upwards to the characteristics of God – His majesty, unchangeability, wisdom, truth, love, grace, justness, wrath, goodness and jealousy.

Part 3 – If God Be For Us – brings all these truths together and shows us what it means for our relationship with Him.  How propitiation is the heart of the gospel.   How sonship & adoption is the highest privilege the gospel can offer.   How God guides us.  How we live in times of trial.  And how God is fully adequate for all we need.

It is full of wisdom and insight and I have been greatly encouraged. The five pages of notes written as I read it will stay on my desk for a while as I try to keep remembering and focussing on the things I have learnt and been reminded of.  Suffice it to say, if you have not read Knowing God, or it’s been a while, I highly recommend it.  

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