Monday, November 30, 2015

Pray for the World

Pray for the World, Operation World

I was thrilled to discover recently that Operation World have released an edited version of their marvellous resource. Operation World is a detailed analysis of all countries of the world, with population data, details of faith groups and churches and then prayer points for each country. However at times, its detail was its downfall. It was slow to interpret, heavy to carry, and hard to break down into manageable chunks. When our kids became interested in all the countries of the world, we tried to use it, but it was too much information for me to sort out and sift through to make it manageable for after dinner prayers.

Pray for the World came to the rescue! A much more manageable edited version, it now gives you basic stats on each country (population, evangelical Christians, key religious groups) and generally 4-6 prayer points. Each night we can easily find 5 prayer points to cover each each of us.  It's arranged by continents, and we are still going through the 50+ countries of Africa, but thanks to some fun internet quizzes (Jetpunk, referred to here), we all know where they are so everyone has remained interested.

I am so excited Operation World has made this resource so family friendly, it keeps us looking out from ourselves to the rest of the world, realising how different it can be, yet how God works in so many varied ways and places.

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