Monday, May 7, 2018

Clementine Rose

Clementine Rose, Jacqueline Harvey

Clementine Rose was discovered as a baby in a basket of dinner rolls on delivery to Penberthy House with a note attached giving her to Lady Clarissa. Lady Clarissa is delighted and so becomes her mother, and Digby Pertwhistle, the long-serving butler of the home become an older father figure. Lady Clarissa owns the large, rambling old house, which constantly needs repairs, but she manages to stay afloat by using it as a hotel, and by her incredible luck in winning competitions.

Clementine Rose has a lovely sense of style and fashion, and a dear little pet teacup pig, Lavender. She seems prone to accidents and ‘things happening’, and is aged ~ 5, as she starts school for the first time in Book 2.

As the books progress the same characters appear and the storylines develop, as Clementine goes to school, makes friends, and goes on trips. There is also the excitement much later in the series of discovering who Clementine’s real parents are.

This cute little series will probably appeal to numerous girls aged between 6-10, and because there are already 13 books, it will keep keen readers busy for a while. Each book is about 100-150 pages making it a good solid read for younger readers, and a fun yet quick option for the slightly older, more confident reader. I only read Book 1, but Miss 10 has enjoyed them all. She assures me the series stays just as good throughout.

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