Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book Review: Loving Life as an at-home mom

Loving Life as an at-home mom, Donna Otto

Some more detailed thoughts of this book:
  • it was enjoyable to read, and quite interesting
  • it had a helpful mixture of practical and Christian advice
  • she spends some time trying to convince women of the need to be at-home mothers (which I found a bit unnecessary as I am already convinced). She dwells a lot on financial implications and other things, which are all things women need to think through.
  • it seemed to have a good focus on God and his word and how that should shape us
  • some of her practical advice I found less helpful, eg. how to organise your wardrobe, shop for clothes efficiently and how to organise your house. However, if these were things that one struggled with and wanted advice on, one might find it helpful. I just already have good systems that work for us.
  • she makes finances a major point in a number of areas, which is fine, I just did not find it particularly relevant to my thinking (although, I admit, perhaps this is more relevant for others than for me)
  • she has a number of helpful family mottoes (Otto mottoes) which I liked, which were just phrases they started to use in their family to make a point.
  • it had a very American feel, which does not bother me, but others sometimes do notice.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy, I've not heard of this book. Sounds interesting, I'm keen to read it now.

Love the blog idea.