Friday, March 26, 2010

East West 101

Last year we enjoyed watching East West 101 (Season 1). Now we have just finished watching Season 2. It's very easy to finish off over a few weeks, being only 7 episodes. (unlike 24, for example, which feels like it goes forever...).*

Detective Zane Malik (Don Hany) reappears in this season, a Muslim cop working with the Major Crime Squad solving murders in Sydney. The overarching plot throughout this season is a car-bomb murder, which requires the Squad to work with the National Security Organisation (NSO). There are also the personal stories of the characters woven throughout.

It's a great series, high-quality drama. I wish we made more quality TV like this in Australia.

* It is a bit violent too, although sadly I am used to violence having watched 8 seasons of 24!


Jenny said...

Glad you liked season 2. I've only watched season 1 and was sad to miss season 2 on TV. I enjoyed it because it is set in Sydney and actually represents multicultural Sydney more accurately than most other Australian TV shows.

Wendy said...

Try the library Jenny - that's where we found Season 1!