Friday, March 19, 2010


Last year around this time I did a little series about Easter and how to celebrate it in a Christ-centred way with our families. Please follow the links back to that series to get some ideas for Easter that may work for you.

I was happy with how things went last year - so we plan to continue with our bible reading plan this year. It is a 14 day plan, which has a bible reading, prayer and some things to think about each day.

Most days also have a little item hidden in an egg, which helps to tell the Easter story.

I have just realised it needs to start on Monday (March 22), so I'd better get it all organised this weekend!

I hope you also will be able to take time out in the lead-up to Easter to remember Jesus' death and his sacrifice for us.

The other posts from last year (here and here) also show some of the things we did over the Easter weekend, like having a Passover meal on Thursday night, having a Resurrection Cake on Sunday and going to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

I'll get back to you after Easter and let you know how it all went!

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