Monday, April 12, 2010


Perhaps you are interested in meeting with someone one-to-one to read God's word together, pray and encourage one another?

If so, you would do well to read One-to-one: A Discipleship Handbook by Sophie de Witt. She defines one-to-one ministry as:
one Christian taking the initiative with another individual to help them to know Christ better and obey him more fully, through studying the scriptures, prayer (for and with them) and sharing one’s life with them – and leaving the results to God. (xvi)
I am currently working through a series on it on in tandem. (which has been transferred here to musings).

It's well worth your while, as the foreword by Rico Tice says:
If you understand this book and put it’s principles into practice ... you’ll be absolute gold dust in any church family. (xiii)
It's always nice to be considered gold!

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Sarah said...

I shall have to get a copy of that.