Friday, April 30, 2010

P.G. Wodehouse

I also discovered P.G. Wodehouse on holidays, picking up A Damsel in Distress*, after reading a recommendation.

I have been ignorant of Wodehouse up till now, but it turns out he was an extremely profilic writer, publishing over 60 books until his death in 1975.

He is very clever and funny, and I loved his turn of phrase. His books all appear to be set in the early 20th C in England, with servants & lords, etc. Seems that all his books end well too - all the loose ends tied up and everyone lives happily ever after.

I'm so glad I picked it up (and also the next one I found at the library, Doctor Sally). I will now keep Wodehouse in mind as a source of light enjoyable holiday reading, easily read in a day or so. Something to lighten the mind in between the heavier novels!

* It seems you can download the whole book here


Tom said...

Hmmmm, that'd be P *G* Wodehouse...

But I agree, he is great.

Wendy said...

Thanks Tom, always good to have an online editor!