Monday, May 3, 2010


Meredith at The Key to the Door has done a lovely little series on godparents - Hooray for Godparents.

Go across and have a look at her posts:

#1 - A bit of intro about promises that godparents make

#2 - Four Ways Godparents can Bless their Godchildren. She lists: pray, celebrate significant moments, remember birthdays, and be a mentor.

#3 -
Four Ways Godchildren can Bless their Godparents: pray, remember birthdays & Christmas, share news & encourage gratitude

I found it really helpful as Husband & I are godparents to 6 children/young adults & our children have 6 godparents between them. It's always good to think about how to care for our own godchildren and to encourage our children to care for their godparents.

Thanks Meredith!

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Meredith said...

Thank YOU Wendy! It was great to have a think through the whole godparent thing. We have a couple of godchildren and we're pretty inconsistent with our godparenting so my lists certainly weren't coming out of personal experience - more a wish list!! Hoping it will soon be a real part of their and our experience.