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One-to-one: Chapter 3

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One-to-one: A Discipleship Handbook
Chapter 3 – What’s Involved

So, we have decided meeting one-to-one is a good thing to do. What then, should we do? De Witt believes meeting together should have 3 elements:

1. Prayer
As it is God’s work to bring people to new life in Christ it is also His work to continue that work until the last day.
we need to be crying out to God to be establishing and growing his children according to his good will. We must be utterly dependent on him to work his perfect will in people’s lives, rather than depending on our methods or commitment to change people in a lasting way. (p51)

2. Bible Study

The Bible is to be our main resource as we meet with people because it is God's true word and
it is God’s designated tool for one-to-one work:
  • if we are meeting with unbelievers we should use the bible “unashamedly and extensively to prove that Jesus is Lord & explain God’s plan of salvation” (p61)
  • 2 Tim 3:16 tells us that all scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. If we use the bible, we can have the joy of seeing the people of God thoroughly equipped for every good work.

3. Friendship Sharing our lives with our one-to-one partner.
If our times of one-to-one bible study and prayer are to have the fullest possible impact on both of our lives, we need to share something of who we are, what commitments and relationships we have, how we use our time and money, and what struggles we are both facing. (p71)
It also means meeting practical needs to the extent that we are able. Do they need a meal, some help moving, and afternoon off from the kids? “It is costly in terms of time, emotional energy, vulnerability and sometimes finances. But is it very rewarding.” (p73)

De Witt knows that this will be hard for some of us to manage, she encourages prayer so that we can give of our lives to others.

Things to think about:
  • Do you tend to emphasise one of these three elements in your one-to-one ministry?
  • Do you tend to neglect one?
  • Do find it hard to genuinely share your life with people to the extent suggested here?

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