Monday, December 6, 2010

The Little Yellow Digger

Preschooler Books:
The Little Yellow Digger, Betty & Alan Gilderdale

This is a fantastic books for boys, especially when they go through that phase of being obsessed with diggers and tractors. (although my girls love this book too).

The little yellow digger gets stuck in the mud, the next digger sent to help it gets stuck, as does a bigger digger and a bigger bigger digger.
Now in the next door garden,
slowly sinking in the ground,
was the little yellow digger
with its wheels spinning round,
and a digger on its side
in the half-dug drain,
with the bigger red digger
(which had ropes and a chain)
and the bigger bigger digger
all shining in the rain.

They were sunk down deep
with the bright red truck.
Deep down in the mud...
and all of them STUCK!
It's a fun story, with lovely rhyme, great illustrations and is enjoyable to read aloud.

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