Monday, December 20, 2010

Married for God - Conclusion

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Conclusion: The Greatest Invitation

In Ash’s conclusion, you can hear his heart for the lost and for them to respond to the gospel of grace. Using the same imagery of marriage that the bible uses, he exhorts us to desire to be part of the greatest marriage of all time:
…the story of a marriage which includes within itself the whole history and future of the human race. It is the story of God, the Lover, the Bridegroom, the Husband, and his people the Beloved, his Bride, and in the end his Wife… All of the people of God in the new heaven and new earth are the bride of Jesus Christ. That is to say, he loves them passionately, and they love him with an answering love. (p166-7)
What a great note to finish on – looking forward to the end of time, eyes fixed on our heavenly marriage, not our earthly one.

As we come to a close, it’s worth pondering who this book is for. Ash clearly wants it to be used by single people considering (or not) marriage, engaged couples preparing for marriage and married couples as they work on their marriage. Think about how you might use it in your ministry:
  • together as you consider your own marriage
  • as a resource for already married couples to raise their eyes as to the purpose of their relationship
  • for engaged couples, to give them a solid grounding in God’s view of marriage and the importance of the relationship
  • for people wanting to think ‘theologically’ about marriage
  • for young people, to ensure they have a God-centred view of marriage as they approach their relationships and life choices.
I still see the need for ‘how-to’ marriage books – how to communicate, how to respect one another, the nature of commitment, etc. However, this books fills a great void in the marriage books I have read to date – God’s purpose for our marriage and how we serve him though it.

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