Monday, February 14, 2011

The Busy Christian... Chapter 1

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The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness
Chapter 1: Slow down, I want to get off!

Chester starts by pointing out all the ways we are busy, as if some of us needed convincing!

Today people are:
  • busy at work – working longer hours and unable to separate work from out time at home
  • busy at play – we don't just rest, we go to the gym, go hiking, go shopping – even leisure is something to do.
  • too busy to be healthy – stress, overwork, no time to stop and eat properly, no time to recuperate from illness
  • too busy to think – people cannot (or do not) take the time to think through issues, our minds are already too full. We confuse information with wisdom.
  • too busy for relationships – little time for our marriages, our children, for sports teams, clubs, etc.
  • too busy for Jesus – does your prayer life feel hurried? Does church involvement seem like an onerous task?
Chester points out that the clock has been a major influence in modern times. People are no longer governed by sunrise and sunset, but hours, minutes and seconds. Some professions charge clients by the minute. School children watch the clock for when the next lesson starts. We can watch 24 hour news cycles. You can view an email on your phone the second it arrives, making you feel you should check it immediately.

I have to agree with Chester’s final comment in chapter 1:
I used to think my busyness problem was temporary. I was busy just at that moment, but it wouldn’t last. Somewhere over the rainbow life would slow down… Things don’t change of their own accord… The fact is, if you want to tackle your busyness, you will need to make deliberate choices. (p20)

Things to think about:
  • Do you feel permanently busy? Do you find yourself telling people how busy you are? Do people say they don’t approach you because you seem so busy?
  • Do you let outside factors control your busyness – emails, SMSs, etc?
  • Do you feel too busy to spend time in God’s word and in prayer to him?
  • Are you willing to change?

Next week - Chapter 2

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