Monday, September 26, 2011

To a better place...

The great chicken experiment has come to an end.

Almost a year to the day, we have drawn the curtains, end of the show, no more chickens here.

They truly have gone to a better place. Not a chicken pie factory. But rather a 1 acre property in the hills, where they can happily make friends with 3 other chooks in a lovely large pen, and free range to their hearts' content.

What have I learnt from the chicken experiment?
  • if they get out (and one was truly an excellent escape artist), they will always destroy the one part of the garden you are trying to preserve
  • they are very messy, being birds and all that
  • they make a lot of noise, in the hope of getting either company or food.
  • the eggs were lovely
  • the major lesson: in a marriage, if one partner really and truly does not want something, and has expressed it, it is wise for the other partner (ie. me in this scenario), to listen and respect said opinion.
Hence, for family harmony and my own sanity, the chickens have gone.

Now I await the areas newly renovated transformation into a veggie patch.

I will miss the eggs though. We had our final weekly scrambled eggs for Sunday night dinner last night, using 10 eggs. Unlikely to happen as a weekly occurrence any more - can't imagine I'll actually buy 21 eggs per week!


Meredith said...

Great post. Thanks Wendy.

Anonymous said...

You can always buy them from me ;) love Bel

Ada said...

Shame I won't get to have roast chicken with you guys!

Wendy said...

Ada, I really don't think I could have eaten them - well correction, I probably could have eaten them - but I definitely couldn't have killed, plucked, gutted and then eaten them. I'm a city girl! I like my meat from packaging.

Bel - we may have to come to some business arrangement...

And thanks Meredith.