Friday, September 30, 2011

God Rock

There is a new favourite CD in our car - God Rock - the new offering from Colin Buchanan.

We are big fans of Colin in this house - I think he is brilliant, the lyrics teach wonderful truths about God and the music is catchy and fun.

I think as Colin's kids get older, his music does also - and this one my son particularly loves.

There are songs themed around skateboarding, bike riding and big cars. 'Survival Man' pokes gentle fun at Bear Grylls, while reminding us that the battle is really man vs. death and God vs. sin. 'Super Chef' has a passing go at the Masterchef obsession, telling us that what we really need is the gospel recipe.

Our family favourite however is 'God United' which sounds like a soccer team song (or I suspect - am I allowed to say this? - a drinking song). It's so fun and catchy, we all sing it as loud as possible.

Sadly I couldn't find a link where you could listen to any of the songs. But if you have kids (age 4-10 and maybe older, and especially boys), they will love this.


Anonymous said...

We've just enjoyed it too on the way home from holidays. I say 'this is my favourite.... oh, no.. maybe this one' because they are all so good. I agree the style of songs are getting more catchy for older kids... but hey that's great... 'cos there'll be some Colin for everyone by the time he's finished!
We're practicing for the concert on tuesday... hooray for Colin!
Caroline E

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy,

We went to the concert here in Melbourne last week, and little Miss A (now 26 months) was delighted. She loves the new album, and keeps reminding us what Colin did - and what he was wearing - at the show.

She especially enjoys dancing like "Super Chef" Colin, with his "chop chop" arms.

It's a great album, KB and I love the final "Glory to Jesus" (truth be told, it makes me tear up a little :) ... and, as a bonus, his sampling of Carl Trueman has led me to the (refreshingly humorous) delights Trueman's own blog.

I even listen to God Rock when the kids are in bed.

:) Mike

PS: I'm also obviously (& easily) impressed with lyrics such as "50-50 funbox grind" ;)

Wendy said...

I know Caroline, I can't decide which is my favourite. It's all so good!

Although I agree with you Mike - Glory to Jesus is excellent.

We are going to the concert here tomorrow - yeah!

And for Colin songs that make you tear up Mike - try to find 'Press on Mums' - for Mums, Dads and kids - I cry every time (on Real Hope and the Live in the Big Tent CDs)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy - we'll add Real Hope to our Colin shopping list :-)