Monday, October 3, 2011

New book series - Radical Womanhood

Please note this series was originally on In Tandem, a blog for ministry wives.

Here at in tandem we are starting a new book series. We’ve looked at some practical ministry books, some books about marriage and some about Christian living. We thought it was time we looked at a book about women and feminism.

What do you think when you hear the word ‘feminist’? Do you embrace it? Run from it? Like to pick and choose parts of it? Do you understand why feminism arose and have any idea how to respond to it? Do you really even know what it is?

Next Monday, we will start working through Radical Womanhood, by Carolyn McCulley. Subtitled: Feminine faith in a feminist world, she challenges us to think through feminism, the impact it has had on the world and ourselves and how as Christian women we might respond to it.

Why don’t you join in?

If you would like to read the first chapter online, do so here. If you would like an introduction to the book by watching a 4-min video overview of feminist history by Carolyn McCulley - do so via this link.


Rachael said...

Hi Wendy. I tried reading this when EQUIP bookclub did it... but I didn't get through it all, so I'm hoping to give it a better go this time. I must admit that the high heel on the front puts me off everytime. I think that if that's what it means to have feminine faith then I'd rather be feminist!

Wendy said...

Do give it a try Rachael, I found it very helpful. The first few chapters give more history (esp ch 2) which help to set the scene (but could be what bogged you down a bit last time). I found the later parts very helpful, at least in naming many of the issues women, and indeed Christian women, face today.

As for the high heel - I always thought it was defining the feminists rather than the feminine faith!

It would be fascintaing to get your input on some of these issues, through your "Pacific lens" like you did with

Rachael said...

That's funny, about the high heel. I wonder what she meant to mean?

Rachael said...

Life here generally is very pre-feminism. But that doesn't mean it is at the same place our culture was pre-feminism. I might say it is still pre-christian in the way women are treated (although others might object to the term).

I look forward to thinking about that too.

Nicole said...

I think stilettos = career woman these days, therefore they are meant to represent feminists as Wendy says... but I could be wrong... : )

Rachael said...

Ha! None of the feminist career-women I ever worked with ever wore high heels (let alone stilettos). In fact, they would've spurned them as belonging to a stereotype of woman that they were rejecting. Things must've changed.