Friday, May 11, 2012

The Girl in Times Square

The Girl in Times Square, Paullina Simons

I have read this book 3 times over the last 7 years - I keep coming back to it. I love it.

24 year old Lily is living in New York City, trying to figure out what life holds for her. That life turns upside down when her best friend and roommate Amy goes missing. Detective Spencer O’Malley is put on the case and as their lives become intertwined, it seems nothing is as Lily thought. Her family, her friends, her health and her money are all thrown apart.

It’s not really a detective story, for while Amy’s disappearance is the thread that brings it all together, it is not the main focus of the novel. It’s about Lily – and it’s a great tale. Full of great highs and deep lows, and how you live when you find life is nowhere near as simple as you though it might be. And at 600 pages you can be lost in this story for a while!

(Interestingly I just read another of her novels A Song in The Daylight and I thought it was dreadful.  The story was of a married woman with 3 children who embarks on an affair with a 20-year old man, and betrays them in the most awful calculated way.  Perhaps well-written, but such an dreadful story with an irredeemable heroine - not recommended!)

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Unknown said...

Hi Wendy,

Hope you are feeling better.

I remember really enjoying this book too. I have forgotten most of it- so will be able to enjoy it again!

I thought the same about her other book. I didn't bother to finish it, which is unusual for me.