Friday, May 4, 2012

Life interrupted

Life often just goes along doesn’t it? Day to day, week to week, term to term. For ages my prayer point in various groups has been that we just keep keeping on in the regular things of life, for not much was happening.

Then you get a little spun off course. Not too much mind you in the scheme of things, but enough to throw it all off kilter.

On Sunday I had my appendix out. A few days of unexplained abdominal pain and a few tests suggested investigations were necessary, so some investigative surgery and an appendectomy followed. Not fun generally.

Again I am reminded of how fragile we are.

How much recovery from even relatively minor surgery can hurt.

How much you generally fit into a week.

How much you do at home.

How much of what you do you never explain to anyone.

How competent and caring my husband is.

How wonderfully servant-hearted the Christian community is.

How much I take my normally excellent health for granted.

How much I am going to miss running.

How alarming the words ‘we took a biopsy’ sound (seems OK at this stage).

How thankful I am to live in a time and place with excellent, fast, intelligent health care.

How much I am willing to pay for such healthcare.

How many people do not have such a privilege and how uncomfortable I am about that.

Further thoughts may follow in time, but that is all I am up for at the moment.


Unknown said...

Hi Wendy,

I pray you make a good and speedy recovery. I haven't had my appendix out but clearly remember Tim having his out soon after we got married (very unpleasant experience for him).

You give helpful thoughts.

Love Amellia

Camilla said...

Sorry to hear that Wendy! We've been away and I hadn't heard you've been laid low. All the best for a rapid recovery

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear that, Wendy. I will pray right now that there won't be any further complications and that you will make a quick recovery. Thanks for the reminder of what a great healthcare system we do have.