Monday, October 8, 2012

Back online

Well, it has been a while. Perhaps I have no more readers - you all have left to read from people who actually write – fair enough!

There has been a bit going on over here in the real world, which has left me no time for blogworld. I will fill you in with details over the new few days. But for now, I am back online. Hoping to read a bit more, blog a bit more and string some thoughts together along the way.


Tamie said...

I am still reading! Welcome back.

Camilla said...

I'm still reading too and using your prayers, which have a helpful refreshing perspective, tho' I'm a bit behind on those, but saving them up, or eking them out?!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking on you from time to time, and thinking something must have been up. School holidays would have been enough of a reasonable excuse, combined with the end of Term 3 and the last freeze of winter! Glad you're back and happily moved.
Caroline E

linda said...

Hi Wendy, I'm linda and I used to go to Holy Trinity/ES, but am now back in Sydney. Just wanted to say I have been following your blog (after hearing about it from your husband), and I am so glad to see you back online again! Thanks for your posts. I find them helpful, encouraging, and enjoyable. Your book reviews have also been very useful! I have purchased a few books from your recommended list and have passed them onto friends because they were so good! So thanks again, and look forward to getting more of your updates =)

Wendy said...

Thanks all - nice to know you are out there!

Faith said...

Hi Wendy, I'm still reading, and have you on my lunch time reading list. However don't think I have ever commented before.
I have just finished reading the last few posts(in the wrong order hence my comment on this post!)
Good to have you back :) Faith