Thursday, October 11, 2012

What to do?

My husband has been insisting for a long time that when the little one starts school that I will not say ‘yes’ to anything new for a year. He does not want me to overcommit (which admittedly is quite likely). He wants me to stop and think about this next stage. As I look at things, the last stage went for 10 years, this one will go for 8 (with all 3 at school). That’s a good chunk of time to think about.

So that’s what this term is for – thinking through the next stage.

I’ll let you know my thoughts as time progresses.


Jean said...

Good advice from your husband. My own life filled up far too quickly (mostly unavoidable and unexpected new responsibilities, but some optional and a little foolish!) and the first two terms of this year were hard. It's a great idea to take time. Enjoy this stage, and I pray you can make wise decisions for the next. Love Jean.

Erin said...

I probably needed to do this. I feel as if I just jumped into the next stage feet first, doing some things which I really hadn't planned to - and had even planned not to.

With moving this year it's given me the opportunity to have another shot at it. So I've not committed to anything at church this year except Sunday School (long story).

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what the role of a ministers wife can be. What unique opportunities exist, and how can I make the most of those? I am cautious about taking up some paid work just because I'm more available. The same goes for starting a course. There are many things I could do... I just want to work out what is the best thing I can be doing. I know there's probably no real answer to this... but I still want to make sure I'm not just being reactive.

I'd be interested to hear some of your thinking on all this.

Katrina said...

Looking forward to seeing what you decide!


Sarah said...

I think that's great advice for anyone who is undergoing significant life change whether it be having kids, kids going to school, moving to another place, or retiring. My husband gives me the same advice. I think I might be slowly learning to take it. I've realised it's best to commit to a smaller number of things and do those things well. All the best with what you decide.

Wendy said...

Seems like many of use have the same decisions to make/keep thinking through. Erin - I agree, I feel there are lots of unique opportunities - in fact I suspect much of life will be deciding which 'good' things I say no to, so that I have time for other 'good' things. An ongoing process, which Sarah, I think you are right - we should think about at every major change - and probably a few times in between!