Friday, February 24, 2017

Dolphin Tale 2

Following on from our enjoyment of Dolphin Tale, we were all very keen to see the sequel.   Just like the original, this is a true story of the team at Clearwater Marine Aquarium and their work to rescue, rehab and release marine animals.   This story continues the tale of Winter, who loses her dolphin companion.  As legislation requires all dolphins in captivity to be paired with another, there is a real threat that Winter may have to leave the Aquarium and be located elsewhere. 

So, Clearwater need to find another dolphin to pair with Winter.   Yet for any dolphin they rescue and rehabilitate, the goal is always to release them back to the wild, rather than keep them.   Is time running out for Winter?   When little dolphin Hope is found, could she be the one they have been looking for? 

With the same cast returning and the film shot at the Aquarium itself, you really feel like you are watching the true events as they happened.   When they show the real footage during the credits, you do see many of the same events with the actual Aquarium staff. 

Again, this is a great movie for kids and adults alike.  Anyone who loves animals will be immediately taken in, but really this is a crowd pleaser for everyone – you’d have to be pretty grumpy not to enjoy these movies!

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