Friday, February 17, 2017


All three kids saw this and all enjoyed it, which is pretty high praise for a G-rated animation. 

Buster Moon, the koala, is low on his luck and running out of money to keep his theatre going.  In a world entirely populated by personified animals – he tries to turn things around with a singing contest, accidentally offering $100,000 to winning contestants.

A worn out frazzled mother pig of 25, Rosita, dreams of stardom; as does Johnny a gorilla trying to impress his criminal father.  Elephant Meena is too shy to complete her audition and cocky mouse Mike is convinced he will win.  What follows is an excellent soundtrack, fun animation and many solid subplots in an American Idol/America’s Got Talent type event without the nasty judges.

While it lags a bit in the middle (as evidenced by the toddlers and babies who all started to lose it in the session I was in!), it does rouse itself to a great finish. 

As I reflected lager, there was a depth to the back story of each contestant that would be lost on most of its target audience, but their parents and carers, like me, might get the chance to see some of that deeper meaning and emotion – the desire to be loved, to be accepted, to grow in confidence and to be a part of something.  

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