Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kids CDs

We have recently discovered the two Justine Clarke children's CDs. If you are like me (with young children and lots of time in the car), you tire quickly of endless Wiggles, Colin Buchanan and Play School CDs. I like them all, but can only hear them so often, so it's nice to have some variety.

These two CDs are good ones to add in to the collection. They are fun songs, easy to sing-along to and have some very catchy tunes.

A lot of these songs are also being sung on Play School at the moment, so the kids get excited when they hear them there too.

Don't you notice the massive difference though between the subject matter of Christian kids CDs vs secular ones?

For example, Colin Buchanan has some really complex theological ideas in his songs, but they are presented in a way that is easy to learn and understand. On the other hand, secular kids CDs have pretty much a set range of subjects - colours, numbers, rainbows, animals, food and the weather! It's nice to have both - but I can definitely only handle so much, and then 'Mummy's music' gets some more airtime!


Nicole said...

I know exactly what you mean about the difference between secular kids music and Christian kids music. I'm actually going to do a review of the latest EMU kids cd next week, and the main thing I want to say is how great it is for the adults as well as the kids!! I still haven't got sick of it.

Nicole said...

PS. Having said that - we do like 'Justine' quite a lot in our house too!