Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter - part 1

Easter is coming up in just over three weeks (in case you hadn't noticed all the chocolate in the supermarket...).

For our family, that means it's time to consider how we remember Christ's death and celebrate his resurrection.

Some will recall that our family does Advent readings in the lead up to Christmas. In an effort to reclaim Easter in the same way, we also do family bible readings in the lead up to Easter Sunday.

We have a 14-day plan, all from Matthew's gospel, each day has a bible reading, a few questions and a prayer. In addition each day matches to a colourful egg which is opened to reveal a special verse for the day and an item to remind us of the bible reading. See previous posts here and here if you would like more details.

If you would like to do something for your family, there is still time to design your own - we don't start our readings for another 10 days. If you would like to use my material, I'm happy to share - have a look at the resources tab.

If you would like to consider other material, try Easter Unscrambled, a resource by the Good Book Company. It's 3 weeks of daily bible reading notes for children (XTB) and also material for families (Table Talk) to do together. We have used this material before and it's always very good. The XTB part would be good for competent (or almost competent) readers who still like activity books, and the Table Talk would be suitable for all.

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