Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How old are your spices?

Have you looked at your spice rack recently? I wonder if all spice racks accurately tell the time that the home was set up? (ie you moved out, got married, etc)

It turns out I have a number of spice jars that are 10 years past their use-by date.

Here is my suggested scenario:
  • you get married/move out and set up a home
  • you decide to try to learn to cook all sorts of new recipes
  • you try a range of new things, some work and some don't
  • the ones which you didn't like still required the purchase of ingredients
  • some of those ingredients, like spices, sit on a shelf for years to come

Which are mine?
  • Ground coriander seeds - expiry 03/02
  • Chinese five spice (used for one meal and one only) - expiry 08/01. Still a very full jar.
  • Ground cloves - expiry 07/01
And the winner is:
  • Sage leaves - expiry 02/01 - used once per year for the stuffing recipe for Christmas turkey, still only half empty
Have a look at your spice rack. Which ones are embarrassingly out of date? If yours are longer than mine, my guess is you set up a house before I did in 1999.

Who has the most out of date spice in their home? See if you can beat me.

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narelle said...

hey wendy, that's funny you notice these things. have you thought of being a stand up comedian?
I recently threw out all the spices in the dozen or so small vegemite jars my mother made up for my kitchen tea - 19 years ago. narelle