Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I read parenting books

Why I read parenting books

Regular readers will know I have reviewed a number of parenting books over the years (they are all listed and some summarised on this page).

Some people hate reading parenting books because it makes them feel guilty and inadequate. I perfectly understand that. There’s no better way to feel bad as a parent than read what you said to your children this morning as an example of what ‘not to do’!

I don’t read parenting books to find answers, rules and ‘you musts’. I don’t think it’s possible that any one author has everything right nor do I think there is only one right way to parent.

However I read them because they keep me thinking. They give me ideas and suggestions and make me evaluate what patterns we have subconsciously fallen into.

Reading parenting books helps me to think freshly again. I know my children better than anyone, I know their areas of sinfulness and I certainly know my own! Sometimes I can’t see clearly anymore. A fresh idea can help. Also, everything changes so quickly with parenting. Mr almost 8 is in a composite class this year, so some of his friends will be turning 10 – which is almost puberty for some these days. I don’t need to think about sleep or toilet training anymore, but I do need to think about chores, money and sexuality.

The book I’ll be reviewing over the next two days has got me thinking about having older children – details tomorrow!

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