Monday, February 1, 2010

Going the Distance - Chapter 12

This series was originally posted on In Tandem, a blog for ministry wives. 

Chapter 12 - A word for local church members

This is a helpful chapter and I have skipped over the first part, but I will include his list of 10 tips for church members who want to help their clergy:
  1. Keep your minister focused on gospel work (rather than building projects, counselling, administration, etc)
  2. Keep your minister devoted - encourage him in his bible reading and prayer
  3. Keep your minister resourced
  4. Help your minister to stay empowered - respect his authority
  5. Help your minster to be a visionary
  6. Keep your minister from isolation - be a friend, or allow others to be
  7. Help your minister to be physically fit
  8. Keep your minister financially secure
  9. Keep your minister a happy 'family man' - respect the family, their privacy, their day off etc.
  10. Keep your minister confident
I imagine there are some of this reading this chapter wishing they could photocopy it and hand it to a few church members for their personal reading. It could be hard for ministers (& their wives) reading this, wondering if they will ever have such support. Others may realise again how grateful they are for the people of God they are surrounded by.

Some things to think about:

  1. Have you thanked those congregation members who are supportive and encouraging of your ministry?
  2. Do you feel resentment towards congregation members about the way they have treated you or your husband? Do you need to repent?
  3. How can you, as a wife, support your husband when they feel unsupported by their congregation?
  4. How can we, as ministry wives also show support/appreciation/thanks for others on the ministry team?

Next week: Chapters 13 and14

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Gordon Cheng said...

All wonderful advice, thankfully followed by many lovely friends of mine over the years!