Friday, February 12, 2010

What about Adelaide?

I found this post by a friend, Arthur, very interesting. He is from Adelaide, but currently studying at Ridley in Melbourne and so has had to opportunity to compare the Christian scene in the two cities (and with Sydney).

Being originally from Sydney, we have loved our move to Adelaide - and have found many of the same things he notes about the Adelaide Christian scene. I particularly like his conclusions:

If you don’t live in Adelaide, Adelaide needs you! Doing ministry in the eastern centres is a luxury compared with Adelaide. Adelaide churches desperately need building up. Adelaideans who have never heard about Jesus need to know him. It’s not going to be easy — but Adelaide is a great place to do ministry, filled with wonderful people and unique opportunities for Christian community. Some of our most trusted ministry friends uprooted themselves from interstate to serve Adelaide with their families. They saw the need — will you? And if you can’t make it — will you pray for our city?

If you do live in Adelaide, be excited! It’s hard knowing how to live for Jesus in Adelaide, like anywhere else, but the church in Adelaide is in a unique place! The Adelaide Christian community has a unity you may not find elsewhere in Australia, and because of that, you have something great to offer as an Australian Christian! You are the greatest resource of the church in Adelaide!

Of course, ministry everywhere is a good thing. But, why not consider Adelaide?!

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