Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Religion Saves - part 2 of 2

Well, I can't imagine anyone was waiting with bated breath for the second part of this post (first one here), but for completeness I include it!

Also, I will only include minor comments, because it was so long ago that I finished listening to them, I can't remember much!

Talk 6 - Faith & Works - a good one, helpfully explained the difference between Calvinism and Armenianism at the beginning, and then the application was great - just about the gospel.

Talk 7 - Dating - this one was excellent, similar to talk 1. He laid an appropriate framework for Christian dating, both for singles living at home, still under the care of parents (especially Christian parents) and a framework for older singles who have moved out and are more in charge of their own lives. A lot of what he said here resonated and made sense.

Talk 8 - Emerging Church & Talk 9 - Regulative Principle - both interesting, but I think had more relevance to the American Christian scene than the Australian one.

HOWEVER, the real reason I have included this post, is that my monthly email from christianaudio.com tells me that their free download of this month is the book that came from this sermon series - Religion Saves. Driscoll himself is the narrator - which I think would add to its 'ease of listening'! So, if you feel like listening to the book instead of the sermons, that's another option.

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Sally said...

hey wendy, thanks so much for the insights. I just subscribed to christianaudio.com and downloaded the Religion Saves book. Looks fantastic. Thanks!